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Kind Words

"Rosie loved her cake smash so much, you made it so much fun for her"

Cake Smash & Splash Photography Session

Capture the joy & excitement with a cake smash and splash photoshoot

Celebrate your little one’s next birthday in style with a fun (and messy) cake smash & splash and relax in comfort knowing that you won’t be the one who has to clean up (most of) the mess.


Cake smash shoots are incredibly popular with parents as they are the perfect way to celebrate their child’s first birthday, but are available for older children too.


On the day of your shoot, we’ll get them dressed up and then I’ll take their portrait before they get covered in cake so that you have some photos of them dressed up looking lovely and clean.  I'd also encourage you to bring a favourite toy as this can really help to put them ease when they first arrive.


Next we’ll bring in the cake -  I use a local baker for my cake smash cakes, please do let me know of any allergies or dietary requirements before. Your child will be let loose to quite literally dive into the cake with some gentle encouragement (not usually needed) so I can capture those beautiful cakey smiles and the utter joy on their faces as they play with and enjoy eating the cake. 


Finally, in the ‘splash’ part of your shoot, your child’s experience is rounded off with a trip to the tin bathtub and we’ll get them all clean whilst I take tasteful photos of them having fun in the bath before they are wrapped up in a nice warm fluffy towel.


A cake smash photoshoot is a great experience for you and your children which you will never forget and if you’re lucky enough you might just get a taste of the cake too!


To avoid disappointment, please book your child’s cake smash photoshoot well in advance of their birthday. Cake smashes also make a great gift from a grandparent so why not suggest it to them as an idea if they need gift inspiration and they can buy a voucher which you can redeem when you book.

Please scroll down to view package prices

Session fee of £50 payable upon booking to secure your session 

toddler girl in pink dress with letters spelling 'one' and several chunks of cake of which she is eating one.

Collection 1

30 minute consultation and planning session 

Up to 1 hour session 

15+ digital images

x1 A4 Print

x1 A3 Print

In person viewing/ordering session 

£100 credit towards wall art

Collection 2

30 minute consultation and planning session 

Up to 1 hour session 

10 digital images

In person viewing/ordering session

Collection 3

30 minute consultation and planning session

up to 1 hour session 

5 digital images

In person viewing/ordering session

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