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Half Term Madness! Keeping the kids entertained during half term!

How is it half term already, the kids have only just gone back to school!

My eldest started school in September and I've been dreading half term, I loved being able to take him to soft play on weekdays as it was always so quiet but now it's going to be absolutely CRAZY!

I've been thinking of things to do and places to go during half term, if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them.

Autumn walk around Hartshill Hayes

We love visiting Hartshill Hayes, we usually pretend to go on a Gruffalo hunt through the woods and look for his house (lots of shelters made from sticks throughout the woods). Why not collect some conkers, acorns and leaves and then when you get home you could make an Autumn wreath for your front door.

There is also a lovely little park for the children to play on too.

Hoar Park Childrens Farm

This is such a lovely little family run children's farm, my kids love feeding the animals. I think it's great for the price too at just £5 per adult, £4 per child and under 2's are FREE, there's also a range of shops to visit too.

Bermuda Adventure Soft Play World

This place is absolutely huuuuuge! The kids will LOVE it here, and they will more than likely have a nap afterwards too as they will be shattered from running around the place, it's great fun for adults too. This will be a fab morning or afternoon to spend with the whole family. There's a perfect little area for toddlers too and also an outdoor play area. Under 1's FREE, 1-3 years £5.95, Age 4+ £7.95, 1 FREE adult per session and £1 each for extra adults.

Tiny Town Role Play

We visited Tiny Town just after the lockdown and it was AMAZING! It was so lovely to see the children using their little imaginations, dressing up, pretending to be firefighters, police officers, hairdressers, shop assistants, builders etc. Tiny Town is a family run business in Nuneaton town centre and is set over 3 floors with so many different rooms to be explored. Just £5.50 per child during the week and just £6.00 Saturday/Sunday.

And if you fancy a staying in one day then why not make the living room all cosy with lots of blankets, cushions, fairy lights and popcorn and have a movie day together.

I hope this has gave you a few ideas of what to do with the kids during half term. Bring on next term HAHA!!

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