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Ways to celebrate a January Birthday!

Celebrating January Birthdays

Celebrating January birthdays can come with its own set of challenges due to the holiday season hangover and people recovering from the festivities. You have the busiest month of the year for families just beforehand, then you’re expected to be prepared for a birthday celebration on top of that! If you have a January baby you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Thankfully I have a few solutions that will help you celebrate an amazing January birthday.

Cake Smash

A cake smash doesn’t have to be just for a first birthday - lots of my families choose a cake smash to celebrate birthdays up to the age of four!  The reason a cake smash is such a good choice for a January birthday is that it’s so special and different.  You can choose to bring along your child’s main present from Santa for the more formal portrait part of your session which is a wonderful way to mark a birthday that is so close to Christmas.  You also don’t usually need to purchase any special new clothes as Santa has usually ticked that box too!  And of course it’s really difficult to buy birthday presents for the child who has just got everything they could wish for for Christmas.  Portraits are a much longer lasting gift - one they’ll treasure forever.  Imagine having beautifully documented birthday milestones of you and your family from being a baby - it’s a priceless gift.

Friends Shoots

Photo parties are a brilliant way to celebrate a January birthday and perfect for primary aged children.  Your child can bring up to 6 friends to the studio, they can get dressed up and I can even arrange a makeup artist to attend.  We’ll play some music while the kids have fun striking poses.  This is such a gorgeous way to capture those childhood friendship memories and it’s something I wish I’d had as a child!  

Parent portraits

If you’re a parent who celebrates a birthday in January, you’ll know more than most how disappointing a January birthday can be, particularly as an adult!  Spin that feeling on it;s head this coming January and give yourself the amazing gift of a family portrait.  I also include images of each parent alone with their children - this is a special indulgence that all my clients love.  We can make your session as low key, or all out over the top as you’d like.  

If you want to find out more about any of these sessions or my January availability and pricing, please use the contact form below. Contact | Heather Rawlins Photography (

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