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Make The Most of Spring With A Newborn Photoshoot

As a newborn photographer, I am extremely passionate about helping you to capture those precious moments while you adapt and integrate the newest members of your family. Spring is a wonderful time of year to welcome a new baby, but it’s also a great time to capture your quickly growing babies as they develop into mini human versions of you. I want to take you through some unique styling ideas and opportunities that you can think of as you consider a newborn portrait session.

You don’t have to have a newborn shoot the minute your baby arrives, as a mum myself, I consider my baby's photo ready at any time. It’s a real treat if you have a family birthday coming up, giving you imagery you can use on presents or cards. But if your baby is due within the next few weeks, or months, and you want to book a newborn session with me, I’m so excited to walk you through some of the amazing options you can choose from. To talk about scheduling your session, get in touch via my enquiry form. I'm quick to respond and no question is too much to ask so feel free to ask away and put your mind at ease.

When it comes to styling a newborn photoshoot in the spring, I love incorporating fresh, light, and airy elements that represent the season. I’ve popped a list together of some of my favourite props, fabrics, colours, and inspirations for sets and backdrops. Take these as inspiration as I like to work with your needs and likes first.


Spring is the season where we start to see fresh flowers and greenery springing up again, giving us the feels for the summer ahead. Flowers and the bright outdoors can be the perfect props or backdrop to your newborn photoshoot. Look up flower crowns, floral swaddles, and delicate flower headbands to get a feel for how to sprinkle in a touch of springtime beauty into your new baby’s photos. When you think of flowers, you might feel as though it’s too girly, but the boys aren’t left out - greenery and foliage look just as beautiful allowing you to position them as a new explorer in the family, or get that jungle vibe. If you’d like to really add a unique twist we can build in baskets, wooden crates, and nests to create cosy, stylised but natural looks.


For spring newborn photoshoots, consider the use of light and airy fabrics that will flow effortlessly around you and baby. Soft pastel colours, such as baby blue, mint green, and blush pink, could be a winner and work wonderfully to complement the freshness of the season. Textured fabrics such as lace, tulle, and chiffon add depth and dimension to your newborn portraits. You may have fabrics passed down to you, blankets or materials from special occasions that are important keepsakes, I can help you build these into your shoot.


Spring is all about fresh and bright colours. Equally, any colour can be incorporated into your newborn, baby photoshoot.As I mentioned above, most people opt for pastel colours, such as pink, blue, and green, into their newborn baby photoshoot session. But if you’ve got colours that represent your relationship, or journeys to parenthood, these are so important to incorporate and I’ll do everything I can to make the set perfect for you. If you’re unsure and need help or direction for a classic newborn photoshoot, I've done plenty so I can share some examples so you can make your mind up. If you’re wanting to create a soft and dreamy atmosphere, or stand out from the crowd bringing vibrancy I can help you achieve this.

Inspirations for Sets and Backdrops

We’re now in the middle of spring, a season which is often characterised as a period of renewal, growth, and rebirth. To capture the essence of the season, I’ll work with you to draw inspiration from natural elements such as flowers, leaves, and trees. I love using rustic wooden backdrops to create a beautiful and organic look.

For a more minimalist look, I can use a more neutral backdrop and add subtle pops of colour using your favourite fresh flowers or sentimental soft blankets. I want to help you create a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style, that you can look back on fondly and see the photos really capturing your memories of this time, whilst also giving a nod to the time of year your baby arrived, or celebrated a key milestone!

Why Book A Newborn Photoshoot?

The days of spring are numbered, and it truly is a beautiful season to style newborn baby’s in a special photoshoot of their own, or with family. I’ll help you to work out which fresh, light, and airy elements mean the most to you so your sessions look beautiful and timeless. Capturing memories that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

As a newborn baby photographer, I’m so honoured every time I get booked, as it’s such a precious time for me to be a small part of your family's journey and I’m grateful I get to lock these precious moments in time for you.

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