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The Newborn stage is the easiest?

Would you agree or disagree?

I would love to hear your opinions on this one, unless you are currently expecting your little bundle of joy to arrive which is super super exciting! Then I look forward to hearing your opinion in a few months time.

Everyone used to always say to me, enjoy the newborn stage it's the easiest.

I look back now at when both my kids were newborn and they were so right!

The newborn stage really was the easiest, for me anyway, yes the sleepless nights were hard work at times but I would do the whole newborn stage over and over again, now all I get is back chat from my eldest Noah who is 4, I find it so hard not to laugh at him sometimes though, he cracks me up with some of the one liners he comes out with.

I can't believe he is starting school this year!

They really do grow up so quickly, I find myself some days getting really emotional looking at photos and remembering those early days which have just flew by with the blink of an eye.

Being able to look at photos to remember those early stages is just absolutely priceless

I love that as a professional newborn photographer I get to meet so many gorgeous families at the studio with their brand new little bundles of joy. they melt my heart every time and I love that I can provide them with stunning wall art to display throughout their home.

For some, coming to the studio is their first outing together as a family which is why I have created a home from home environment. Parents can sit back and relax with a cuppa and some biscuits while I work my magic and create some beautiful timeless images of their gorgeous baby.

Are you thinking of having a newborn photo session?

Check out this lovely review from a recent client

"super relaxed and professional photoshoot with Heather. She was very calm and confident handling our baby and put us all at ease. Lovely studio and a really great experience. Would highly recommend"

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