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Toy Storage Tips!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Overview: This is a problem that almost every family faces in January. The new toys that have accumulated over Christmas can feel like they are taking over the entire house and it’s the reason you’ll always see stores selling storage solutions in January.

This is the Toy Storage Tips blog you need to save right now! In the next few weeks your home will more than likely look like an aisle at Smyths and you’ll wonder where on earth you’re going to store all of the new toys.

As a baby photographer, I work with tons of families who have this exact same issue. When I work with you to create family portraits, we spend some time discussing your home decor and your interior style. This is so I can help you choose backdrops, props and sets that will fit beautifully in your home. It also helps me to advise you on wall art and products. My January portrait clients, ALWAYS make comments about how many toys are currently in their homes and some of my clients have really genius storage solutions! I know you’re going to love all of these toy storage ideas too for your own homes.

The number 1 tip that I learned a while ago is to make way for new toys in December! Having a good sort out can make all of the difference when it comes to finding room for all of the new toys at the end of the month. At this time of year charity shops and toy banks will be really grateful for clean toys and games in decent condition. It’s also the one time of year when your children won’t want to cling onto that toy that they haven’t played with for months and months, as they are easily persuaded to make room for the toys Santa will bring. After all he won’t be able to leave any toys if he sees there no room, will he!?

My next favourite tip is to buy storage that doubles up as furniture. If you don’t have a playroom where you can just close the door on any mess, having toys and games hidden in plain sight is essential. Furniture items like benches where the seat lifts to reveal storage are brilliant for bigger toys and coffee tables with a lifting top are perfect for board games and books.

My final tip is baskets! Baskets are absolutely brilliant for a quick tidy up - they are so easy to chuck everything in and it’s something the kids can help with - or even do on their own. Plus baskets are available in so many different styles and shapes that you will always find something that suits your home and won’t look out of place in your living room

If you love how your home looks when it’s decluttered, you’ll love the range of contemporary wall art that I offer. The clean lines and slim profiles will look great in your home and are so easy to clean too. There’s no better feeling than having your beautiful family portraits displayed on the wall - you can even convince yourself that your little angels couldn’t possibly be responsible for the mess you’re currently tidying away!

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