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What should I wear to my photoshoot?

This is a question I get asked most of the time before a shoot, I am always happy to help you with what to wear to your photoshoot so please just ask away if you are unsure.

Comfy Clothes

First of all wear something that you will feel comfortable and confident in, something smart casual but comfy so for example a flowy maxi dress, smock dress, t-shirt and jeans etc there's no need for shirt, tie and uncomfortable fancy dresses etc. I have a wardrobe in the studio with dresses and outfits for Mums and young children, so please feel free to wear anything from there too.

Don't worry about what shoes you wear either as I will politely ask you to remove shoes in the studio anyway, just try not to wear any bright coloured socks 😂

Neutral Palette

Try and stick to wearing neutral colours for e.g cream, white, beige, navy, they are more flattering and they will fit nicely with my timeless style.

Avoid any bright colours and heavy patterns as they can be very distracting and the don't really go with the timeless look we are aiming for.

Also if possible try and avoid wearing any bright/neon coloured nail varnish, as we don't want the eyes being drawn straight to the bright nails and also try to avoid wearing any fake tan.

I'm no stylist by all means but I will always help you out with what to wear if you are struggling, just pop me a message and we can jump on a video call and you can show me some of the outfits you were thinking of wearing, I am sure you will look fabulous!

I look forward to seeing you at your shoot, much love Heather xx

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