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Getting ready for your September Baby!

So you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever right? But now you’re finally in your third trimester and your baby’s arrival is just a few weeks away. Yayyyy! How exciting!

Where have those months gone? All of a sudden you feel like you’re running out of time to be prepared and that nesting instinct is well and truly kicking in!

What else is there to get done in the third trimester?

  • Well first of all, if you haven’t already packed your hospital bag, you definitely need to get that ready and waiting by the front door.

  • It’s always a good idea to practice installing the baby seat in the car, because when it’s time to bring your baby home, you don’t want to be faffing about with instructions. It’s also a good idea to keep the car seat in the car from now!

  • Get that freezer stocked up! You’re not going to feel like cooking once you bring baby home. It makes sense to stock up your freezer with pre-portioned meals to last you for at least a couple of weeks after baby arrives.

  • If you have your pram it's a good idea to get that set up ready.

  • Think about buying a sling, from personal experience you’ll more than likely use a sling much more than you expect - they’re super useful in the first few weeks.

  • Book a pamper session or mini moon. This is your last chance to relax as a couple before your baby arrives so take full advantage!

  • Visit the Hairdressers. It’s harder than you think to have your haircut once you have a baby that needs you 24/7. Book your appointment for just before your due date and that should give you enough time to get into some sort of routine before your next trim is due!

  • Why not take advantage of being pampered and come visit me too, and have a maternity session and I can capture just how beautiful you are with your gorgeous baby bump. Click here to find out more.

  • Time to finish work and start maternity leave! WooHoo! It's so satisfying tying up all loose ends at work - especially when you know you won’t be back for at least a few months. But it can also be so stressful so make sure to ask for help at work if you need it.

  • Organise sleeping arrangements. Whether you’ve chosen a moses basket, a next 2 me crib or whether you’re going to co-sleep.

  • Prepare for your Health Visitor appointment. So many new mums don’t realise that your health visitor now arranges to see you at home to meet you before your baby is born. They’ll want to have a look at where baby will be sleeping and pretty much support you to ensure you have everything ready.

  • Finally book in with me for your Newborn Portraits! If you haven’t already done this, don’t wait until your baby arrives as I may be fully booked and unable to accommodate you. Find out how to book your newborn portrait session by clicking here.

I hope my list has helped you to tick off the final few ‘to-do’s’ before your little bundle of joy arrives.

Sending you lots of good luck for the upcoming arrival of your baby!

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