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Valentines gifts for new and expecting parents

Valentine's day might have been a day you enjoyed celebrating as a couple before the sleepless nights or stress of family life came along. But celebrating Valentine’s Day when you’re expecting a new baby or when you have a young family just looks a little different!

Photography makes a perfect Valentine's gift for new or expecting parents as it’s a lasting reminder of your love. Here are some of the ways I can help you mark Valentine's Day 2023!

Maternity Shoot

If you’re expecting a baby, a maternity shoot marks one of the most special and precious times in your life. Your family is changing; perhaps it's your last few weeks as a couple before you welcome your baby, or maybe your family is growing. Maternity shoots can include your partner or children or can just be all about you and your bump. Babies are made with love, so a maternity session makes the perfect choice for a Valentine's gift. You’ll need to be between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant for the best results though so if you’re not quite there yet, you might want to consider a couples shoot instead.

Couples Shoot

It’s not often you get the luxury of time in front of the camera together. All too often we snatch quick selfies and only rarely do we like the results! I’m experienced in posing and lighting to create flattering portraits that you’ll love. I offer a range of product options so whether you’re someone who loves a desk print to remind you of loved ones, or you’re someone who prefers to wow visitors to your home with large pieces of wall art, I have something for you. You can take a look at my product galleries here.

Family Shoot

If the days of being just the two of you are long gone, then you might want to opt for a family session instead. Beautiful portraits of your family are lasting and priceless. What an amazing Valentine’s gift they make. Your family is the outward sign of your love for each other - and I’m not just talking about you and your partner. Family portraits also capture the love that siblings have for each other (even if its fleeting!).

Valentines Mini Sessions

These sessions are perfect if you already have young children, you can either all get involved or just the kids. You get 20 minutes of studio time which is the perfect amount of time for young children. We will get some gorgeous photos of them and include some cute props too, to keep them entertained. You will also receive 3 digital images for just £99!

Portraits are such a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s day, whichever session type you choose. They’ll still be giving you joy long after the roses have wilted and the chocolates are eaten. They’re a priceless reminder of your love for each other and for your family. Capturing these moments is something no one ever regrets

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